Cub Scouts Uniform and Insignia

The uniform is an important part of the Scouting program as it has been since scouting was first started. The uniform identifies the scouts and adults with Cub Scouts and gives them a sense of belonging to the den, the pack, and the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts should wear their uniforms to all den meetings, pack meetings, and special pack activities.

Class A Uniform​

Unless otherwise instructed, we will be wearing "Class A" uniforms at the Pack meetings.  For all ages except for the Lions (Kindergartners), this consists of a hat, neckerchief and slide, a button down shirt, shorts/pants and a belt.  The Lions uniform is simply the Lion hat and T Shirt.


You can purchase a uniform online at https://www.scoutshop.org or at the Scout Store.  Going to the scout store is probably the easiest. You can just go in and tell them you are a new scouting family and they will get you everything you need, they are very friendly and helpful.  Below is information about the scout store:  

Rowan Scout Resource Center                                

693 Rancocas Road -

Westampton NJ 08060                  

just ½ mile east off exit 45A of Rt. 295

Class B Uniform

The Class B uniform consists of our blue Pack T-shirt, that you have probably seen boys or girls wear already.  We will provide these to you free of charge.   We can also provide them to parents and siblings.   We often wear Class B uniforms during the summer or during outings.

Attaching Badges

In the old days you had to sew all the badges on (Yuck!).  Now they have created something called "Badge Magic", which is an adhesive that is precut to the right size for the badges and makes it a snap to apply them all.  Badge Magic can be bought at the scout store, https://www.scoutshop.org or even Amazon.

Badge Placement

Once you get your uniform and you Badge Magic, you can refer to the pictures below for the placement of the main items.  You can click here for the full insignia guide.

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 12.36.22 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 12.36.40 PM.pn